A.P. Calculus

Hello AP Calculus 2014-2015!
Don't lose your math smarts over the summer ... exercise your brain!  A little practice every week will get you ready for AP Calculus.

Q: What should I do over the summer for AP Calculus?
A: See the calendar and follow along with the work as I post it.

Q: Do I have to do the work when it is posted?
A: No.  You can do it whenever you want, I'm just spacing it out so it's not as overwhelming. But I don't advise waiting until August to begin!

Q: Do I have to do summer work?
A: On the second day of school, you will be given a test over the summer work.  If you've done the summer work and UNDERSTOOD it, the test should go well.  If you already UNDERSTAND it, the test should go well.  If you look at the summer work and are confused, then yes you should do as much as possible to prepare.  I suggest you do as much as possible.

Q: Will my summer work count towards my grade?
A: No.  You do the practices to do well on the tests, just like in college math.  You'll be given the answers during the summer to check your work as you go.  Your work will count towards a small portion of your grade during the school year, but this work is supposed to be review to prep you for the class.

Q:   Is there any extra credit available?
A: Yes.  We will be playing a weekly AP Calculus Facebook Game.  I will post one problem a week, and you message me with a correct answer for extra credit.  Complete directions are here:  AP Calculus Facebook Game.docx

Q: Do I have to participate in the facebook game?
A: No.  BUT... I will post updates and other things to the page so you should at least join the group, even if you select to not participate.  You can never lose points by trying the problems and getting them wrong - you literally have nothing to lose by playing!

Q: How do I join the facebook group?
A: On facebook, under my name (Lisa Ferrante), ask to join "2014-2015 Airport AP Calculus"